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March update

Amazing how being sick will either put a screeching halt to projects or make me so muddled any work I do is useless.

Corsets and stays are all on hold for the moment.

The 1911 one I started was going along fairly well, but after sewing up the second draft, I have determined that I hate, seriously HATE, the fabric I am using for the muslin. And I don't think I was feeling that way just because I was ill. Now that my head has cleared up, I can confirm 'hate' is the correct word.

During my trolling for Titanic dress fabric, I uncovered a big chunk of white twill that I had bought months ago to stand in for coutil for future corset projects. And it's even prewashed. Go me! That fabric is now moved out into the living room onto the cutting table so that when I am ready to start the Edwardian corset again, it will be waiting for me.

The coutil - I know where that is, and it is also prewashed - but I'm saving that for fully corrected patterns.

Lucrezia came over maybe two weeks ago to help me fit my 18th century stays, when I was still in the throes of whatever bug had grabbed hold of me. In my foggy brain reality, I thought I was ready for her to see what I'd done, but I was so not. After an embarassing bit of fitting, we ended the session with an agreement that she would work on drafting up a pattern for me based on measurements that she took away. And I was given direction on how to prep for the next fitting - which was pretty much me asking 'so what do you do? cause I want to do that!'.

So corsets on hold until after Titanic dinner next month.

For my Titanic gown, I am going to cannibalize my LotR elven costume. Seems such a waste to have that lovely silk hanging in the closet (or on the closet door). I thought about it and decided I am unlikely to ever wear it again.

So the main dress will be a silvery sage green, the bodice will be a silver silk/rayon velvet and the overlayer will be an iridescent purple/green silk chiffon. If the purple comes across too dark, maybe I'll find another fabric to layer over top of that. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

My inspiration is a Poiret dress from 1910-11. Not a recreation, just loosely based on. At least I'll be comfortable!

For tonight and tomorrow, I am working on some hair/head pieces for a production of the Tempest. I've had a huge creative block on this project, but now that it's down to the wire, I think I finally know what I want to do. Fairly simple, all in all, but little details always help.
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